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Ubuntu is very cool, even for non-geeks. Ubuntu Linux is also cool...but pretty much only for geeks.

Other linux distros that are cool include:

- Gentoo, which has a reputation for being super easy to use and almost dummy proof, but requires a lot of time and bandwidth to install and keep updated.

- Mandrakelinux, a well supported distro with good package management.

- Also, for the very paranoid, there's Tinfoil Hat Linux.

- And, it's not Linux, but here at Roboticat we use FreeBSD, which has the very cool package management of the ports tree (although Gentoo's version seems pretty darn cool too.) The BSD operating systems are a lot like Linux, in that they are UNIX-like systems that run on a PC, and have a bloody huge user community. Plus a little devil for a mascot.

I guess grun-tu-molani is pretty cool too.

(P.S. The first person to post the correct meaning of grun-tu-molani and it's correct source in the comments gets a special prize in the mail.)


Is grun-tu-molani the non-released follow-up album after Cat steven's Mona bone Jakon?

its worth a stab, and it's been years since i won anything

"Grun-tu-molani," the old queen said.
"What's that? What does she say?"
"Say, you want to live. Grun-tu-molani. Man want to live"

-Henderson the Rain King, Saul Bellow

Good Job! You win the prize, mr. completely anonymous. It's a made-up word in Saul Bellow's book Henderson the Rain King. Too bad you didn't decide to be so anonymous. or I would have figured out some incredibly cool prize to give you.