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something good did happen

Some of you may have read my story about me trying to talk my favorite Seattle pizza joint into letting me do their website. I wanted to do their website, even offered to do it for free just to be able to have online access to the list of pizza toppings. But they weren't sure if they were going to be able to stay in the building they were in, so they said no.

Well, suddenly, out of the blue, I get this Email:

Hello there, this is -G-Dino's son George from Santorini Pizza, I just stumbled across your website...thanks for calling me good looking...very nice! Just wanted to let you that we are here to stay, I got married, and am ready for a website, something simple. I am not looking for you do it for free though. If you are still interested in creating a website for us call or e-mail me. Thanks again for the write up, we got a new sign! I always hated the old one. Oh and sorry about the people yelling the word motherfucker all the time, they were probably my uncles (no affiliation to the professionals who work at the restaurant.)

So something good did happen, and I got to do the website and get paid for it. It's pretty cool...some tricky CSS that works well in all the browsers I've tested, and it's exactly what they wanted. I present to you, Santorini Pizza & Pasta


I love it when things work out.

That's cool! I knew good things happened sometimes.

Glad to see they didn't go out of business.
Nobody should be deprived of good pizza.