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i'm stuck with the tinyblog

Wtihout my mom's house and satellite TV I would have so much less exposure to Miller High Life and Natassja Kinski. God bless her soul, may she have lucrative TV work and sexy, slightly intelligent B-Movie work for all her days Amen.

The honey harvest is over and went well. This time I did get stung. In the hand. It was a big adrenaline rush but not that much of a big deal. This year's honey crop is fucking magnificent and I pity you terrible bastards who don't qualify for a jar. You may email me and apply for an application if you wish.

I started a secret blog but I can't tell anyone I know about it. Hence no one reads it. Hence it's boring to write in it. (But that won't stop me entirely) Hence, I'm stuck with the tinyblog. How sweet it is. You know this is my 700th post?

And in several years I have not changed my design at all. I've had ideas, but I simply can't think of anything that's quite as cool as my photos of Aidan Fay.

You know, speaking of Aidan, I ran into his mommy the other day at the Vomit Tavern on capitol hill (where they do not serve frosty mugs of Miller High Life for one solitary dollar like the Rockview...it's practically like drinking for free!).

We had a good time talking and I finally got to introduce her to Beth, which was cool. I always thought they'd get along in a weird way. Aidan is like 12 now, so that picture is like, so dated. He was 5. That means I'm practically old.

Okay, love you all, but I really need to get back to Natassja.


Oooo what's the going price for a jar of that sweet, sweet honey?

And what are the qualifications to, uh, qualify?

(BTW, no, you can't buy my vote with a jar of honey :P )

Really you just have to go over to my mom's house. I'm sure she'll hapipilly give you one, Steve.

Hey Steve,
A jar of honey is waiting with your name on it! The Mom.

I can never remember where you live though :(