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"mommy?" the chris haddad story.

Chris Haddad came over today with the intention that we were going to start and finish his professional website today or bust. He is too cheap to actually pay me, so he just started referring me professional clients. I told him when I actually made money off a referral I'd make him a website. Well, one of the people he referred asked me where he should send the check today, so I thought it was a good day to start. Hehehehe.


I did this once before, when I made branding and a website for my friends Lorelei and Colin, on their Round-Two website. Chris had all his copy (and branding) done, and we were ready to do it. I had intended to prepare a little before, but I slept like the dead and woke up in Ben's semi-trashed apartment when Chris knocked on the door.

About midday, Chris had decided he wanted a photo on the site, and wasn't finding anything on his hard drive, so he shaved his head and we went out in Ben's back yard for a photo shoot.


We didn't use this photo...but I thought it should be published somewhere. It looks like he's saying "Mommy?"

The photo we finally used ended up on his about page, and he went with black and white, which I thought was a pretty good idea, but I just thought people needed to see him in his full color whimpering for his mommy glory.

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, we were successful, and Chris now has a pretty foxy, standards compliant website, and I have a nice neat clean usable design to add to my design portfolio.

Thanks Chris...it was great fun.