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tinyplace history. back in the day, when I was...


Yesterday was my 29th birthday (the PAR-TAY is on the 14th), and in addition to it being Mother's day (as it is every few years), it was the launch of a new idiot-friendly design for blogger.com.

I feel some affection for blogger, since the tinyblog originally lived there.

Blogger was originally created by Pyra, a very cool scrappy group of people who had some really innovative ideas about blogs, and really made full-featured blogging an easy universal thing to do. It's really blogs like What's New Pussycat and The Booge and the friendly, blocky old blogger design that really got me into blogging in the first place. I think it's really cool that their hard work ended up paying off, and they ended up being a huge part of the blogging revolution, and also being able to finally sell out to a pretty cool company actually, who paid real attention and spiffed it up nice.

Incidentally, here's a snapshot I saved of my second blog design. The design you're looking at is the third design, and it looks like I didn't keep a good copy of my first tinyblog design. (it was cute! such a shame!) And also, here's my old tinyplace front page and my OLD OLD tinyplace front page. Oh, and while I'm digging, I did an away page when I went on retreat once, which is kinda cool.

Eventually I got to be too big for my britches, and blogger started having some really serious server problems, and some friends of mine lost their whole blogs. I loved the flexibility of Movable Type, and also having my posts living on server space I had control over. Also, it helped that I (to my knowledge) was the first person to install Movable Type on a server besides Ben and Mena themselves, with them on IM back before I knew a chmod from a chown.

Now there's a couple more blogs under the tinyplace umbrella: Loverzan and CrazySexySwampMagic (and perhaps a newcomer coming soon), and I'm finally giving some serious thought to putting in the work necessary to give the site a real redesign and applying all I've learned about web design, accessibility and standards since I coded this hellish mess of HTML 3.2, 4.0, PHP and Movable Type Tags.

Plus, I've actually started posting again...things were pretty slim for a few months there.


When you redesign just remember us poor shmoes still shackled to dial-up.
As for you not posting much, it's about time dammit! You'd think you were like, planning a wedding or something....

BTW, happy belated birthday man :)

I think it will probably even better, bandwidth-wise.

Well, happy birthday, belatedly - I'm ashamed to have been reading this long and not known we shared birthdays. Looking forward to the redesign, and all sorts of other good things - cheers.