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more random crap

The suit contends that UW actively encouraged formation of the "cartel," making it the centerpiece of its anti-drinking effort. It says UW has no "legal authority to organize a cartel among of group of competitors whenever its social scientists believe that a particular product (beer, cigarettes, gasoline, ice cream, music, etc.) is being consumed in excess by its students."

You're shaming your mother in front of these good people.

However, DeKoven has no Constitutional right to be treated as the "Messiah-God or any other holy, extra-worldly or supernatural being of power," he ruled.

Kendall said. "I didn't curse at her. I cursed at the nuggets."


$250 fine just for one lamo cussword? Jeez, Bill better stay off Hilton Head Island.

Holy crap! I'd end up doing, like, 4 life sentences.
"I told that cunt I wouldn't eat this shit officer,.. what do you mean I'm under fucking arrest?? For saying shit??? You've got to be fucking with me, right? Aigh! I want my fucking lawyer you cocksucker!"
Yeah, Hilton Head Island is pretty much off my tourism list forever.

Hey, fuck the cusing thing! They're forming a booze cartel in Madison! They can take away my freedom of speech, but how dare they run the price up on my beer!