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amon tobin extravaganza

Hey Joe here's a handful of Amon Tobin tracks on empeethree...I picked stuff that was my favorite, and also tried to give a sense of the scope of what he does. There is a fair amount of variety between some of these tracks.

I'm going to leave them up here for only about a week, for obvious reasons. (Bandwidth, lawsuits, etc.)

From Permutation:

From Supermodified:

From Out From Out Where:

From Bricolage:

And some links:
Ninja Tune, Amon Tobin's Label
A mini preview of the show I went to in Seattle Weekly, also with a hilarious review of Metallica's modern career.
A bunch of links to Amon Tobin Reviews
Amon Tobin's own kinda lame site.

That is all. Enjoy.


Cool stuff, I do dig indeed dig it.

That amontobin.com site is from Ninjatune - it's a minisite within the ninjatune webland & I have never seen anything on it that wasn't ninja-fueled (i.e. anything he's done on other labels, anything about his snowboarding,e tc)