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June 30, 2003

bed making innovation

Rzan has an innovative method of making the bed. If she's already up, she gets back into bed, gently pulls the covers up around her, and then slides out. Voila!

June 26, 2003


Asshole just posted a link to Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974, which reminds me of the Gallery of Regrettable Food over at Lileks.com's Institute of Official Cheer.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food is no longer there, since he published it into a book, but there's still some good stuff, like The Art of Art Frahm, a study of the effects of celery on loose elastic.

Good fun. Enjoy.

June 24, 2003


I've been really fascinated lately with the idea of workflow. More and more I'm starting to think about how creating (and sometimes documenting) workflow is a really important part of any job.

I'm doing some work for the Stroum Jewish Community School, and I have to be able to show them how to do what I'm doing next time. So I'm making little workflow descriptions for each task. More and more I'm seeing how valuable good workflow is.

For instance, the workflow for washing the dishes starts with putting away all the dishes that are in the rack. The workflow for creating a new website starts with making a list of all the information and ideas that the website is going to be a container for. More and more I see that establishing an efficient workflow is what allows a person to make money with their time.

Indeed workflow is an industry in and of itself. PERT Charts, Flowcharts, The Workflow Management Coalition.

I'm getting kind of curious...what is your workflow like? What workflows have you established that are valuable to you? What workflows have you developed that help you make a living?

June 16, 2003

beach logs kill / congratulations!

I'm back, thank you Rzan for your tireless guest posting!

This post is both a paean to the power of the sea, and a congratulations to Rachel and Andrew hamilton, who braved the power of the sea and allowed me to join them in holy matrimony.

Okay, wait, I'll go back. Rachel and Andrew decided they were getting married many months ago. So, when Rachel asked me to officiate at her wedding, I agreed, perhaps thinking she'd come to her senses sometime between talking to her parents about it and the actual even, nine months to come.

But no, May came and I got a wedding invitation. The wedding was happening up at Olympic National Park and I was still going to be becoming a licensed minister through the Universal Life Church (even though Washington State doesn't require it).


We all laughed at this sign when we saw it on the beach...but that was before we experienced the beach. People like me who live on the Puget Sound (the little baby arm of the Pacific Ocean Seattle rests on) forget why people write long sad songs about how the sea took their baby from them.

Nearly all of us got taken unawares by the power of the sea. You'll be sitting there on the beach watching wave after wave wash up many feet ahead of you, and then suddenly it comes up ten times farther than it did before, and your legs are soaked. I can't tell you how many fires we built on the beach those first two nights that got swallowed up by a sea that didn't give a crap about our puny little lives.


The beach logs were convenient after the first night of rain. They seem so stable, you can climb around on them all day. But once the mighty sea gets hold of one of them, it can effortlessly glide these several-ton hunks around like hockey pucks. We learned quickly that it was the sea who was boss.


But in the meantime, the event finally came to a head, and I, for the first time, looked two people in the eye and told them (with a snap and a flourish) that they were husband and wife, and it was time to kiss the bride. How fun!

Good food, good music, good partying, good company. Thanks to everyone, the crazy New Yorkers and all who came to celebrate, the family, and all my sweet friends. It was truly a good time and I come back deeply humbled and mellowed from the sea.

June 14, 2003

better be home soon...


'cause I miss ya and I'm afraid I'm geeking out... Instead of doing my homework, or reading, or drawing, or even-perish the thought-sleeping! I'm photochopping geeky lovenotes to post.

'n that's why I tell you, you betta be home... Sooooooon.

The tinyblog needs you.

June 12, 2003

glorious cape flattery

looking for big waves

Sammy wanted to see big waves on our trip out to the Peninsula, so we took him to Cape Flattery, but the waves weren't awesomely huge enough there so we went to Dungeness Spit. The waves obliged, but...

dubious rowan

...it was TOO cold!

driftwood love

Our gorgeous friends, Jessica and Josh helped us...

building the shelter

...build a sweet little driftwood house.

shwa flies the flag

swiss family rosenstein

Sammy proceeded to dig a firepit right inbetween everyones feet . Rowan wouldn't let Josh dig the splinter out of her foot with his Leatherman and Daniel...

all the angels come

...took all these beautiful pictures.


rat update

Our Rattie Relocation program has successfully relocated 3 rats-so far.

We can still hear some rattling about in the walls, so I guess we have plenty more candidates... Which isn't too surprising considering how long we twiddled our buddhist fingers before we got around to purchasing a havahart trap and a tub of peanut butter.

Did you know that a hardworking mama rat can pump out up to 13 litters a year and she can pop out up to 22 wee ratties per litter?

Ben didn't.


This is your friendly neighborhood Rzanimal. I'm your guesthost, guestposting for D till he gets back from marrying people.

If only I knew how to scan things on his durn scanner, I'd put something purty up for y'all.

June 3, 2003

for when you get busted...

It's awfully useful to have at least read the ACLU's Bust Card.