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April 29, 2003

28th birthday!

Think it's been a long time since I posted? Well it's going to be even longer, cause I'm going to New York to visit my sister in New York...

fire! fire!

...but when I come back, we're going to have a bonfire birthday party!

If it's at all possible, please do come.

April 19, 2003

funny cartoons!

Now is the time on the tinyblog for funny cartoons.

First there is Home Star Runner. Skip the horrible introduction song. The main menu is soooo cool. There's like 14 menus and they're all in Flash and have cute little animations for each menu item. Plus the Strong Bad Emails are funny. While away the meaningless hours.

Next is a bunch of different cartoons at Extrabad. We are robots is purty cool.

Then, there's the new Get Your War On, #23. This is not for the kids. And it's not animated. Never read get your war on before? Crazy. Go back and read my favorite, #1 came out right after september 11th. Outraged political commentary at its best. Favorite quote:

A: Oh my God, this war on terrorism is gonna rule.

B: I know, remember when the US had a drug problem, and then we declared a War on Drugs, and now you can't buy drugs anymore? It'll be just like that!

A: Right! God, if only that War on Drugs hadn't been so effective! I could really use some fucking marijuana right now!

Oh yeah, and speaking of political cartoons, you can't do much better than This Modern World. If you're a goddamn leftie like me.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, funny cartoons!

Probably everybody knows about atomfilms, now brought to you by macromedia. The absolute funniest of these, in my opinion, is the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.


April 15, 2003

survival tips

Some very useful advice that is not funny at all.

Some advice that is slightly less useful, but funnier.

Ok, I'm curious? Which did you read first?

April 11, 2003

how to stay grown up

I'll tell you how to stay grown up!

The other day I got in a little altercation with Rowan.

"Look at me!", Sam said. He was about ready to jump off the couch arm onto the couch for the fiftieth time, and wanted Rowan to be his witness. But she was jaded.

"I already watched you do that," she said drily.

I happened to be walking past, "Rowan, look at Sam."

She refused. I insisted. I pointed her body toward Sam's, and she closed her eyes. I tried to open her eyelids and she curled up in a little ball. Two stubborn people locked in a battle of wills, and she was winning. Finally I tossed her away in disgust.

"You don't get to watch me play any video games today," I said, spitefully...the ultimate threat.

In an incredible upset, Yoshi defeats giant Bowser!

Then I walked off, but I didn't feel right about the whole thing. I hadn't had any right to tell her to look at Sam if she didn't want to, and I had acted just like a stubborn child about the whole thing.

Finally, hours later, I did my best to make it right. I apologized. I said I was sorry and that I was kind of acting like a kid, and as a grown-up, I should know better. "Does this mean I can watch video games then?" she asked.

Later on, Ben and Rzan told me that she had written me a little note about how to be a grown-up. "Realllllly?" I said. I wanted to know her advice.

I finally located the note. I'd just scan it but it was written in yellow colored pencil:

How to stay grown up

1. Act like it.

2. Feel like it.

3. Do it.

Not bad advice.

April 7, 2003


Scanning slides for an artist I'm doing a website for. Scan. Scan. Scanscanscan.

I wish I could show you some, because they're really cool...but I can't because she only wants them on her own website of course, but as soon as it's up I'll link to it.

I'm already sick of warring. It just becomes more and more obvious to everyone that it was a dumb idea. Way to blow several billion dollars slaughtering a bunch of people that were running the show in whatever semi-brutal but at least marginally effective way they saw fit to run it.

I think the argument that this was a good idea has to be stretched thinner every day.

I guess I should probably post again...no one's probably around anymore. Well, there's always Loverzan for the complete story. By the way, she just posted a cool post about our walk through the Arboretum.