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microsoft in every car

Okay, this is truly scary to me.

I do not want to get the blue screen of death when I'm doing 65. Plus now an unpatched security exploit could get me remotely carjacked or something. Fuck this! I'm serious! Time to develop an opensource vehicle platform.

Doesn't anybody remember this or this or this or this or this. What makes an automobile manufacturer decide they want to have a Microsoft product in their car? This is just so wrong it hurts.

via Poagao


Probably the same genius that said "Hey, the '76 pinto doesn't need a firewall in between the gas tank and passenger compartment. Hell, how often do cars get hit in the back..."
I'm in complete agreement with you Dan, I swear that if I didn't like the occasional videogame requiring windows I'd be running straight Linux

ick ick ick ick. i don't want ANY computer in my car, let alone one with as many problems as all the microsoft programs have. i mean, sure it's nice knowing that if you ever got in an accident and were unconscious, somebody would be coming to get you within minutes, but at the same time, they would ALWAYS know where you are and what you're doing. no thanks.

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I don't know, there's just something... amusing about seeing "Critical systems failure" appear as you try to break while trying to stop for a red light at a busy intersection.

it might be helpful though... and hopefully make the cars safer and not less safe. it doesn't sound too bad. and it will happen sooner or later anyway. but i can see your point!

fuck it. I'm taking the bus.

Back in town, though.

I'll call you on Boxing Day.

peace and love,