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i wouldn't blame you if you never checked this blog anymore

Yes I know it's been the same stupid post for so long now.

You've been saying, "Izzle Pfaff is so goddamn funny, and he actually posts from time to time. Dooce is workin' the momma belly angle.

"I used to come here for stories about you breaking your bones that made me nearly puke. And stories about your one menage a trois. And blog surveys. What the fuck happened to you, man?"

I feel your pain.


Hey, when no one is left, Mom and Aunt Susie will still be here. Promise or threat? Dunno.

What the fuck happened to you man? Just kidding, but I do miss your wit. Sometimes coming here and reading your posts makes my day bud.

Yeah, what the fuck did happen?? You're not alowed to have a life, entertain us dammit!

well, hey, at least you don't sit at spacelabs every night any more! I'd rather you had a life than a blog anyways....

It's OK honey, you still make me puke.


Hahaha now that was truly a statement of undying love

So, for those of us who DO still check this here blog, won't you please please post again?