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who would marry this madman?

who would marry this madman?

She would:

what a good friend to me

I got to express my appreciation:

those little diamonds are from my gramma's ring

I gave her a ring, and asked her in the garden.

P.S. It wasn't ten minutes after I asked her that we were already discussing how we were going to blog about it.


all the best my friend. i wish you many years of health and happiness.

First off I'd like to say to Rzan... FOOL! BE afraid.. so very afraid... hahah
Actually I wish you guys nothing but the best, congrats. So.. when's the big date?

Congratulations you guys!

Congrats to both of you! You're both very lucky. So, will there be one of those cliche wedding blogs now? ;)

Welcome to the insanity known as marriage. Congrats my friends, may you both be blessed in this endeavor.

OHHHHHHHHH WOW! Congratulations :) Wonderful news... crazy, crazy pic.

Congratulations, may you find happiness , or is that MORE happiness?

oh my god! how superwonderful. i'm so happy for you. i turn my head for a minute or two and look what you do! congrats! xoxoxoxoxox

I can think of nothing cooler than the idea of finally finding the one you're meant to spend forever with.

I hope you guys have a wonderful future together.