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the business of business...sucks

I'm always desperately trying to bite off more than I can chew, and then when I finally do it, I'm always sorry.

I decided to do something I'd never done before, and take a job to do some print work. I'm designing a catalog for the Stroum Jewish Community Center, and it's just ended up being incredibly complex, and meeting deadlines for a job that you don't understand exactly how to do is no fun.

It's not that I think I can't do it, but it's just becoming a hell of a lot of stress.

Then, as some of you may know, my housemate Ben and I are putting together a little web development house called Robotic Cat Communications.

Now I know you're saying, "God, Daniel, you totally ripped off your logo design from Movable Type to which I would say, I swear it was subconscious, and besides, I can't draw a fucking Robotic Cat. Try it sometime.

My friend Josh, who incidentally got me the SJCC catalog job, looked at me and said, "How hard can it be?"

So I said, you draw a goddamn robotic cat, and he grabbed a napkin and started sketching. He got into the face and I said, "That looks like a post apocolyptic death cat!"

you try and draw a robotic cat!
(see the entire death cat)

Luckily I had my digital camera with me to record it for posterity.

Did I get off track? Hells yes.

The point is that Ben and I were discussing a more realistic (read: re-evaluating based on not getting it to work the way we originally hoped) business model, and I just really felt what a pain in the ass it is to try to manifest something like that. Then I remembered what a pain in the ass it was to work for an employer.

Yes, the business of business...sucks.


wow! you have a big hand, and i can't wait to have you massage me!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! and you and rzan are so match!! have a big hand , small scapulas and a loving eye!! wow!!!

I'm pretty sure Rzan could draw ya a damn fine robotic cat if you asked nicely ;)


Er, sorry, that's just what popped into my head just now.

Oh and when you finally decide on a logo (TOONCINATOR!) you might want to keep it down to line-ish type art with 2 colors or less, in case you up and decide to get professionally printed business cards, stationery, and what-not.