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grown-ups send birthday cards

Dear Friends and Family,

(if you don't care about all the hairy details, just skip to the last paragraph)

You see, I've never been very good at remembering numbers and dates. It seems to slip from my brain in elusive ways. I've been...untimely about my own mother's birthday too many times. God knows it's not that I just don't care...I really do care about people's birthdays and phone numbers.

I was really happy when I first got a cel phone and realized I never had to remember anyone's phone number ever again. Technology had saved me.

Well, at some point in my web development career, I realized that technology could help me again. For a long time I've wanted to write a little application to remind me about dates I needed to remember via Email in a way I could completely configure and scale. Just recently that became a little more technically feasable for me.

So, because I really do care, and I know people like it when they get aknowledged for their birthdays, (and because I finally finished up some of the web development work I was heatedly working on) I've decided to go ahead and make myself this tool. I'm sending this to everyone I can think of, (even to people who I actually know their birthdays!) and posting it to my blog...so if this message reaches you, and you'd like to be aknowledged on your birthday (or some other date) please send me your complete name and date of birth, and your mailing address if you don't mind (I lost a lot of this info in a sad computer crash about a year back). Thanks so much for your help in my being a grown-up.

Daniel Talsky


See, you are way more honest than I. I would have gotten everyone's info through alterbate sources ("Hey, when is >so and so's

Alterbate?? I mean alternate, damn It's hard to type with one hand and feed a 7 month old with the other

I kind of like the alterbate sources-sounds a little nefarious, underground... 'the tinyblog could not find a legal method of stimulating the natal memory neurons, and so Talsky reluctantly turned to alterbate sources'.

So, does a little alarm go off when a birthday comes up? "ALERT! ALERT! You are about to forget Shaunys day of birth! Proceed to the nearest Hallmark and purchase a card immediately!"

heehee. I love you honey. Even if you do forget dates, we know the desire to be thoughtful, and the LOVE is there.

Is there a program that can help you remember how to spell 'their'?


God how I wish there was. I would say that the ei-ie combination, and the word their in specific is my biggest spelling challenge. Sometimes I'll look at it and try and remember which way it was. I so intrinsically do it the wrong way that for awhile I remembered by saying "It's just exactly the way you think it's NOT."

But then, I started remembering it the right way and getting myself all turned around. I think I still do that to this day. I think a good device would be a keychain that says "THEIR" on it....or is that "THIER"?

Ohhh i wish i had a program like that. i forget EVERYONE'S birthday. All the time. Always.


oh, and i figure if their was spelled thier, it would sound like "THEE-ER." So that's how i keep it straight... by figuring it out phonetically. Or is it phrenetically? AHHH another problem arising from the english language...

I was kind of thinking that alterbate was kind of like masturbate but with the off hand... bahaha can't believe I'm posting that here. On another note, while feeding my child I thought the first time he made the carrots go splat it was an accident, the second time he looked at me and giggled his chubby lil' butt off. Stinker. :)