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the wappingers falls

I finally got back my pictures of Wappingers Falls themselves...I wonder if my sister has seen it yet.

the falls

I like that big rusty aquduct thing. I really like to take photos of the harmony of junk and nature.

hidden treasure!



It's funny, I totally didn't make out what the object in the water was at first-it looks like some ancient carven symbol, all circles and triangles...

Incidentally, that is the first time I've seen the falls, in spite of the fact that I live so close. Alas, I don't have Tsepal at my disposal!

The second picture is a bike. Apparently you all dont know the area. Notice the kids walking around the streets, little rebelion kids. I am one of these kids, sadly..But we swim in there, It's not as bad as it looks. Probably cause your taking pictures of the crap, walk down the hill and take some nice shots of the falls. Should it be Cleaner, Yes without a doubt. I jump off that "Big Rusty Thing", which you call "Junk".. Rusty, no.. Discolored, but wappingers needs to pay to keep these things in order. But they don't, which is why its in such shape. The falls themselfs are nice, other than the fact there is bikes in there. I've hit a few myself... But wappingers needs to do something for this problem.