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got one

Well, we got one rat. It went for the bait on the second day. We took in to a wilderness area in Seattle and let it go. Last night we heard another one in the walls. The trap has been reset.

Wish I woulda taken a picture. It was kinda cute.

Update: Last night a rat tripped the trap but managed to avoid being in it. Little bugger. Plus someone ransacked our cars but really didn't take anything. Guess they didn't like our groovy cassettes. Hehehehe.


the battle begins.... dun dun dunnn

wild rats? cute? did you not see its big yellow incisors?
my family had roof rats for a while.
plus I had to dissect a rat in high school. not fun.

Now your city rat will earn the grudging respect of the forst rats through ritual combat, eventually becoming their warleader. Soon it will have amassed an army, with but one goal imprinted on every rodent's mind, to take back the homeland their leader was cruelly exiled from! It'll be ratmageddon!
Uhhh man, I really need to stop posting when I havent had any sleep...

Oh yeah, the car thing happened to Steve once in his old escort, they broke in , rummaged through all his tapes and left them all. If I remember he was kind of offended.. "What, my music isn't good enough to steal?!?" hahaha

make that two!

two relocated ratties, forty thousand to go, apparently...