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tinyblog art exhibition

I met Ian Ferger and Maria Medina when I was working at LXIS Networks.

Ian seemed like an all-around troublesome rascal, so I was surprised the first time I was exposed to his artwork. Usually this consists of extremely large format collages on cardboard and a lot of shellac. His themes are often of advertising and information management, but he has a style that takes itself a little less painfully seriously than, say, Adbusters.

I first saw Maria's art more recently, when I saw this piece as she was working on it:


I was impressed and asked her if I could feature the pieces of that series on the tinyblog.

She told me that Ian and her had a show at the Bellevue City Hall (Bellevue is the largerst suburb of Seattle). When the pieces were finished, she sent me a few images.

Here are my favorites (click the image detail for a pop-up of the full image):

Maria Medina



Ian Ferger



Thank you to Ian and Maria for letting me show their work on the tinyblog and a shout out to the very cool arts organization they're involved with: What Is Art.


Dunno bout maria, but ma new and beautiful site is at: http://www.supercollage.com

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