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the plesenarch

First there was the Peace Arch. Then there was the Peas Arch. Now comes the Plesenarch, by Rowan 'Fuzzball' Sodenkamp.


A brief interview with the artist.

Tinyblog: I'm sure my readers will want to know...what exactly is the plesenarch?

Rowan: It's just something I made up.

Tinyblog: And what does "rook:" mean?

Rowan: It means "look". Rook means look, and plesenarch means Peas Arch...it's like it's in a different language.

Tinyblog: What is being depicted here?

Rowan: It's a race. The she's the girl in the middle, and the other two people are people racing her. At the end is the trophy.

Tinyblog: Why is it in another language? Is it in another country or on another planet?

Rowan: It's on another planet that's in my imagination.

Tinyblog: Why is there a race going on underneath the plesenarch?

Rowan: it was a very bright and sunny day, and there are two suns on this planet, so they were having a race. After they do this race, then they do a bicycle race. The bicycle race actually goes through the Peas Arch.


Hey, I think I've been there. Luckily, on that planet the bikes are smaller, so they all fit through the Plesenarch. But the cyclists have to wear double-brimmed hats, kinda like Sherlock Holmes on account of the two suns.

Hi Rowan,
Why would you call it the Plesenarch? If it has a trophy in it than why didn't you call it Trophy Arch?

love, S

The trophy arch is somewhere down south near where they make all the double brimmed hats, but not as far down where the miniature bike factories are. It's not as cool as the plesenarch, but it's worth seeing if you're in the area anyway :)