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wrath of the math

It is a known fact, that even just the odd numbered problems is still a lot of goddamn problems. I've put in about 3 hours on my current set of assignments and I'm only about halfway done!

Too much homework...or I suck at maths. You decide.

At least my intense Business teacher, Verna Swanljung (swan-yung) likes me.

"GDP. Can anyone tell me what the G.D.P. is? Anyone? Besides Daniel? The point is that you're supposed to read the assignment before you come to class so we can have a discussion about it."

Oh, and by the way, the answer to the subtraction vocabulary question is:
minuend - subtrahend = difference.

Crazy...has anyone ever heard of that before?


my calculator does not have a minuend OR a subtrahend button. wtf?

Isn't the minuend a fancy dance move?

And I think 'subtrahend' is a polite word for someone who is too exhausted and fuzzyheaded(after staying up all night doing naughty things)to comprehend even the simplest of algebraic equations.

I actually asked the math teacher at our school here at rosecrance and HE DIDN'T know either.

Eh, ya brownnoser!