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that's the move i like the best

I remember the day when I first moved in with a girlfriend. I did a signifigant amount of it on the bus. I was dragging a huge bag full of stuff behind me and this paint-covered construction worker type said to me, "Hey, you moving?"

"Yeah," I puffed, "I'm moving in with my girlfriend."

"Heheh," he said...in a way that was both knowing and scandalous, "That's the move I like the best."

For some reason it was kind of memorable. He seemed to be saying that he loved it that some woman was sucker enough to let him move in, and it was all easy couch living until she kicked him out, but maybe I'm reading into it. That seemed to be the tone.

I thought of that for some reason when I moved in with the only other girlfriend I ever lived with, and it just occurred to me now, as I sit at my house packing everything but my computer...preparing to move into Rzan's house.

Of course I don't see it quite the same way as that guy. I have never thought of it as a relaxing idea (not since the first time anyway). It's the beginning of having to negotiate so much of your space and personal existance with another person. And to this move is added the astounding feeling of realizing that I don't intend to move again without her.

But this is different than the other two times. It's not under any kind of duress, coercion, or just old-fashioned foolhardiness...I've been around her and Sam quite a bit in the past several months. This month I've practically lived there. But next month, I will officially live there. And I couldn't think of a nicer girl to officially live with.

I'm doing pretty good at packing. I guess it's something you get better at as you get older.


YAY! Danimal and Rzanimal.

this is one of the happiest things i've read today. wow, did this cheer me up. anyway, what i was going to say is that my boyfriend and i have been living together for the past 6 months, and (I like the way you put it) I don't intend to move again without him either. course, negotiating stuff organization IS a lot harder when you're trying to cram all your stuff in a tiny tiny tiny one-room place...

Waah! How super-nice and gooey-sweet! Yay indeed!

Yeah yeah...it's all sweet til you have to move the couch..oh and the computer, egads man, the COMPUTER.

It's times like these where you truly realize how much unneccesary crap you own. But it's always nice to have a loved one to say "Why the hell didn't I throw this crap out" with you.