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minor apologies

(in the school's computer lab)

Me: Hey, are you using the scanner?

Him: No.

Me: Well, I'm going to need that computer in a minute, you might want to use another one.

Him: (pointing next to him) Use that one.

Me: The one you're sitting at is the only one with a scanner.

Him: So you want to use my seat?

Me: (losing patience and pointing to the sign next to him) See that big orange sign there that says (enunciating clearly) "Students needing to use the scanner have priority use of this computer."

Him: [Some lame excuse about there not being other seats (there were several) ].

Me: Look, I'm just trying to save you the trouble of having to get into something and then move in five minutes when I'm done with my sandwich!

By now several Asian girls were trying to get him to move to the seat next to him, and finally...at long last...he does.

He's in my Business class with me (we both went to it after the lab), and I knew that it had really bummed him out cause he looked really grouchy all through the class. I knew I should apologize to him.

He got out the door too fast, but then I saw him accidentally at the bookstore. I went up to him and apologized. I just said, "I think we caught each other at a bad moment," and said I hadn't meant to come off so harsh. He looked as relieved as I felt.

I just wanted to advocate for minor apologies, that's all.


Yay, here's a BIG thumbs up for minor apologies!

Minor compliments and minor appreciations are nice too.