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give me a political entity I can sleep to

I woke up this morning and Rzan was all punchy, providing me with some suggestions on how I could have gone to sleep earlier the night before and ribbing me about anything she could think of at 7:30 am. Well maybe letting the alarm go off 8 times had some kind of effect on her circuits.

On 3.5 hours of sleep, the only thing I want to do during today's presentation of the various parts of the European Union is pass out. But that doesn't really fly in Verna Swanljung's class. The last time I tried to nap I got a swift, "Daniel, are you alright?" in the commanding Verna Voice.

That was on a day where we were discussing something completely scintillating, like business in foreign markets. Today I think we're talking about the interdependance of the various branches and treaties that make up what people call the EU and I'm wondering if I can possibly just sorta lean back in my seat and somehow take a nap with my eyes open.

Maybe I'll wake up when they get to the Treaty of Nice.



i'm taking a japanese pop culture class, and this guy fell asleep while the teacher (this harcore german woman) was talking... without even missing a beat she said, "so this is how hybridism interrelates with the theory of globalization and could you poke him please?"

Ok, I'm not meaning this to sound like I'm a jerk, but what field of study do you need to learn Japanese pop culture for? Or is it just a personal interest kind of thing? (Like the totally useless blacksmithing classes I want to take)