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just ask rowan

Me - The Fearless Babysitter
Rowan - A six year old girl.
Sam - A five year old boy.

The Kitchen

Me: Rowan, do you want butter?
Rowan: Yes! Yes! Butter!
Me: Sam do you want butter?
Sam: Yes.
Rowan: I changed my mind...I don't want any butter, just beans.
Me: Sam?
Sam: No butter for me.
Me: Rowan, it'll be good with a little butter.
Rowan: Ok.
Me: Sam?
Sam: I want what Rowan wants.
Me: Should I just ask Rowan from now on?
Sam: (Pause) Yeah...just ask Rowan.


Hi Daniel!


Crumbs. (he's lying on the floor amidst muffin remains)

Can you make us a one hundred song CD?

love, Sam

That's my boy, King of non-sequitars and Rowan adoration.