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gramma painting


I was going to write a post about people having really bad paintings by their grandparents or other family members. I remember a big painting with a bunch of weird earthtone Star Trek Enterpise lookin' shapes hung up in our house done by our Grandma Torgerson. I really liked that painting, but at the same time, even as a kid I had to admit it was really ugly.

My sister went to New York to practice buddhism full time, and so I got a bunch of her sentimental stuff, including a painting by my gramma t. Only about 4x6 inches, it actually looked pretty darn bad, and I was going to write a post about it, but somehow, the scan and jpeg compression improved it a lot and now it's time for this painting to begin it's charming digital life here on the tinyblog.

I think I want to follow up on this one. Do me a favor and send me any scans of paintings (especially particularly bad or particularly good ones) by your family members. I might provide an upload form for this purpose, but for the moment, please just email them as attachments to danieltalskyATlxis.net.

I'd like to display a few...any comments on your family's art will be much appreciated.


I would, but my grandfather was a commercial artist and did huge paintings that would never fit on a scanner. I could take photos of them for you. They're quite good, actually. He was very very talented.

Ditto. I come from a very artistic family. My great-aunt was a very well known artist in my area. Her last name was "Exline", and she used to sign all her paintings like so: "X--" I thought that was kinda funny/weird.