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the tasty two-my version

It's all about food.

Food means so much more than simply putting nourishment in your body-this is currently being evidenced by the conversation taking place in my kitchen between Cara, my roomate and her boyfriend, Ben as they make midnight garden tomato salsa: "Cara, the tomatoes are chopped." "So chop the avocadoes!" "why'd you put them in there anyway?" "I don't know, you're the one with the plan, aren't you?" "I'm just here for the nipple tweaking and butt tickling" "You're looking to get avocado all over you!" "aaiieee!"..."The cilantro is chopped." "How finely?" "Good enough!"-I'm sure the salsa will be wonderful too.

So my questions are:

1. What is your security food? You know, the food that you eat when you need to feel loved, comforted, warm, at home? Mine is graham crackers and cocoa-it was just the thing when I came in frozen stiff from a Maine blizzard as a child, thank you, mom!

2. What unexpected things have you wrapped in a burrito shell and called a burrito? Did it work? Tonight I made garbanzo bean/lamb/sunburst squash/mushroom/avocado/tomato "burrito"s and amazingly enough, my guests ate it up happily. maybe we'll try a new combination tomorrow with the salsa my roomies are concocting...

3. What food do you most like to eat off a loved one? Chocolate used to be my favorite, but now I'm leaning towards blackberries...

OK, so that was three-I'm an artist not a mathematician.



They wouldn't comment themselves, but I liked their answers to #3

Ben: Salt and tequila

Cara: Oranges on acid

Rzan: Wow.

The salsa is excellent, by the way.

1. Soups, almost any kind.

2. Any leftovers. I hardly ever make a "burrito filling", but I find anything laying around in a styrofoam box and I wrap it into a burrito.

3. Honey, of course. Or pop rocks just for fun.

Yeah, a good hearty bowl of hot soup is manna from heaven when you're cold and hungry.

Hmmm...Poprocks? that would be a novel sensation!


#1 It would have to be my family recipe spaghetti and meatballs.

#2 I occasionally make a cold-cut "burrito", and for anyone who hasn't tried it genoa salami, mortadella, and prosciutto seem to be the best meat combination, I also like to add a little blue-cheese for kick.

#3 Not really into sploshing, but pop-rocks are fun, also who can resist the allure of whipped cream? Not store bought, but honest to goodness whipped cream. Yum...