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the agony and the ecstacy

Today was errand day. My gracious mother Blackbird drove me around getting shtuff done.

i was shot down by La Tienda when I took my art in there this afternoon. He said it was "more suitable for the street fair venue"...Pah! Oh well, no sour grapes. I really need my own store anyway-everyone else wants 50% of my hard earned bucks, goldang it!

Then I went to the good ol' DOL and passed my learners permit test! That means I can now learn how to drive a car. Oh joy.

You'd think the thirty-two year old mom of a four(nearly five)year old boy would already know that, huh?

Nope, i never learned how, never wanted to, still don't really want to! To tell the truth, I'm scared shitless by the whole prospect of being a fragile human body in charge of a giant hunk of metal capable of high speeds and fatal collisions.

But it's starting to seem like the thing to do.

At least the picture came out pretty nice.


I also learned to drive as an adult. Neither of my parents drove and we never owned a car. It just wasn't part of my world. My first husband, Daniel's father, taught me after we were married. I didn't actually own my own car until I was 29 and had both Daniel and Elisabeth.