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discordant construction noise, or, i miss daniel

Sound stirs
me from sleep,
fragments dream.

Remnants linger,
magic escapes,
driven from my head
by hammer bangs
and rumbling machinery.

Stretching, my body
protests awakening.
Suddenly stiff
and aware of too hot
blankets, sweaty limbs.

Eyes crack, unwilling.
Register dimly,
red numbers: 7:19.
Relief and annoyance mingle.

A luxury of hours,
mine to spend.
Naked and alone
in dreamtime.

only by discordant construction noise.



By the way, your blackberries are now jam. I made it without added pectin and was so concerned about it not being runny that I think it is blackberry cement. But tasty cement.

Mmmmm...Blackberry cement.

Blackberry cement..is that a Seattle band? Hi Mama-san!