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Tonight I beat my previous all time best bowling score of 123 with an astounding 139. Yatta!


Woo Hoo Super Yatta US US US!!!!

oh dear lord make it stop

sorry... in my squirmy confusion due to the mostly naked singing japanese men, i forgot to make the comment i originally was going to post... i went bowling on saturday, and beat MY previous record of 53 with an astounding 54. Yatta, indeed.

Mostly naked singing japanese men? What kind of funky karaoke bowling alley do you go to?

Perhaps, you have set the family record as well!

rzan, did you click on the Yatta link?

One of the things I like about bowling is that you are really competing against yourself. Yay for 139! How many marks?

When I was bowling with the sons of Norway league, I improved my average from 60 to 120 during the first season, thereby winning a trophy for most improved bowler. One of the ladies was most put out -- she'd expected to win that trophy and had worked hard to improve her average. I felt bad, but it *was* funny.

Gina, do you mean the "Your love comes tumbling down" song? Is that what the naked men were singing?

Maybe I'm just clueless.

OK, Daniel finally clued me in and I checked out the Yatta link, but thar were no naked men, sigh...I feel so cheated. Heehee, Rzan