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the tasty two (2)

The Tasty Two!

The tasty two is a new feature brought to you jointly by the tinyblog and drivelwarehouse.

My answers to last week's questions:

When is enough not enough?
Enough is not enough when you're watching Eight is Enough. This mediocre late 70's show has an official website, a yahoo group, and two photo galleries. Enough already!

What is the name of your kingdom?
Well, when I played dungeons and dragons as a kid, I was always the dungeon master. My first created worlds was called Cretoria, and my second (and most enduring) was Anaray.

Rich's Question:

Why does everything taste like chicken?

Daniel's Question:
What do you like to get in the mail?

The Tasty Two!


You can read mine on the same page as last week's: http://serialdeviant.org/essays/words5.html

Hi Daniel,

Everything doesn't taste like chicken. Potatoes taste like chicken.Raspberries don't taste like chicken.

I like to get cards that show pictures of things I like.

Love, Sam

Everything tastes like chicken because God had to have a default flavor. Really, it's hard enough trying to give every dang animal its own look and sound and smell and feel without having to come up with new and different flavors for each of them. After a while, he just started saying "Chicken, damn it, just make 'em all taste like chicken!"

My very favorite, most exciting thing to get in the mail is a nice fat, preferably doodled upon, possibly illustrated letter. Could be from a friend, a lover, or family. It always makes my day.

How do we know chicken doesn't taste like something else? Maybe Chicken tastes like alligator eh? Or maybe it's like in the matrix, and tastes are just too complicated so the default is chicken.

I like to get checks in the mail, let's be real.

Sniff...sniff...I miss semi-regular posts...where oh where is my little friend Dan?

Joe, will you give me Bill's email, please? Won't he be a Dad again soon? I miss regular posts too. I think it is the job change, not as much foolin around time. Plus you know how time consuming wimmen can be!