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the tasty two!

The Tasty Two!

The tasty two is a new feature brought to you jointly by the tinyblog and drivelwarehouse.

Each week both of us will come up with one mouthwatering question apiece. I know I don't need to tell you this, but 1 + 1 = 2 in most cases, and that is two, yes two fine questions each week.

The following week we will post our answers to The Tasty Two, as well as the next question. You can answer the questions in your own post, in the comments, or using the email form in the sidebar.

Without further delay, the first Tasty Two.

Rich's Question:

When is enough not enough?

Daniel's Question:
What is the name of your kingdom?

The Tasty Two!


Enough is not enough when enough is too good to be over so soon... (yes I know that part of why it must be so good is that it stops, but still...)

My Kingdom is called EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and the name of it is followed by some unpronounceable shi-znit, but is also called BethPort.

1 + 1 = 3 dude. Least that's what my physics professor said. He was cool, he wore white sandshoes with a suit and let us drink beer in class.

God I love university.

The name of my kingdom is
The House of Carbs.
Hafta think about the enoughiness for a while. Tricky one.

Wow, Beths kingdom sounds like Sammys kingdom! Cool.

Enough is not enough, when I've had plenty but I'm still squirming for more and more and MORE!

Damn them insatiable succubi anyway.

Hmmm...My kingdom? It's called Loverzan. Enter this lush garden with peaceful curiosity and you will be...

Greeted by birdsong and wild beauty. You will be seated on soft jade moss as a silent lynx watches from the thicket. Enveloped in warmth, cooled by waterfall spray. She will guard you should you drowse, lead you on when you wake.

Your bare feet will be welcomed by my earth, adored by the thick soft green grass. Surrounded by flowers, you breathe in sweet scents, see beautiful colors, taste glorious flavors, feel sunshine and raindrops on your skin.

You will be caressed with skillfull loving hands, teased by whispers and laughing lips. Massaged untill you melt like butter into the clover. Your hair will be braided with elaborate care and attention.

You will be fed delicious food, and watered well, deep down to your roots. Held snug in loving arms. Gifted the secrets of abundance, courage, and joy.

But enter my kingdom with harshness and aggression and you will pass though it-the beauty will elude you, you will see nothing, learn nothing, feel only a passing hint of lovliness obscured.

The gates of Loverzan are easy to find. Or completely impossible.

Well, I posted my answers on my site, look for it in the essays section.

The name of my kingdom...hmm.
Before Sept 15th 2000, my Kingdom would have been Gitwachucanalot, but after it's more like Gitwachucanalotifinsheletsme.

Enough is not enough when you don't control your intake of whatever it is you are trying to be satisfied with.

answered the questions on my site... be kind, it's still under construction.

when you look at the word enough for too long, it ceases to be ee-nuff and starts being eh-noog-heh.

The name of my kingdom is Nate-istan. I am the shah of Nate-istan.

Enough is not "enough" when you reach it after striving for it. "Enough" always moves. Except when you are desireless, in which case "enough" becomes unnecessary. Either way "enough" is a mirage.

The names of my kingdom are Agape, Atman, Being, Self, I Am.
Choose One. Ask a mystical-sounding question and you'll get a mystical mumbo-jumbo answer. :)

Hi Daniel,

The kingdom one first:

My kingdom is called:


When is enough not enough?

Sometimes when i eat sweet cereal, I want some more but I actually had enough.

love, Sam