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om, allah! the spiritual survey

Well, this is to be my last post before buddha camp, and then I shall hand you over to my able guest curator of the tinyblog.

Before I go though, since the surveys seem to really make people happy, I think I'll do a little survey to send off. As before, if you post answers, please leave a link in comments so I can read them when I get back. I may do some kind of weekly survey then...

Om, Allah! The Spiritual Survey

1. Do you believe in God? I mean like...a being that embodies all goodness that one can relate to personally, not some amorphous 'jedi force' principle.

2. If you have some other conception of God then as a being, then what does it look like? How do you interface with it? Do you have some kind of persistant connection to it?

3. What (if any) established faiths do you participate in, or have dabbled in, or have observed enough to get some insight into?

4. What is your view on religeous traditions?

5. What do you make of John 14:6? 'Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' (NIV)

6. Either inside or outside these traditions, what can one do to deepen their connection to their life or spirituality?

7. Do you believe that there is some stream of conciousness that continues after your biological body becomes a corpse, or do you believe that conciousness is an illusion generated by biological processes that will stop when those processes stop? Feel free to elaborate. (Simple version: do you die completely or continue on?)

8. How (if at all) do your spiritual beliefs alter or influence your behavior?

9. How do you think spirituality relates to sexual conduct? What is the highest purpose of sex?

10. What do you think is the purpose of a human life? How do you think you are fulfilling it?

11. What makes you get up and keep doing it every day? Are there any circumstances under which you would want to stop doing so?

12. What is the most important thing life has taught you? (Please no platitudes...I'd rather hear something very small and personal life has taught you than a rehash of The Golden Rule.)

Hope that gives you something to chew on.

Be nice to Shauna, she's my baby.


If you don't have a blog to post on, but would like to share your answers, email me with your answers, and I will post any that are insightful or different.

Oh, and please use daniel@danieltalsky.com so my hotmail account doesn't get swamped whilst I'm gone.

i am not your baby! but you are my Code Bitch :D

I've posted my answers. Ommmmm.

Just a "little" survey? Jesus Christ, man! Questions don't get any bigger than that!

I posted my answers *and* sent them to you email. Am I a pest or what?

here are mine. Quite lame answers, really.

mine are posted. Boy, you ask some hard questions!

Crap. I messed up my link. http://www.foolishvisions.com/mt/

Whew. Almost done. Holding out on you on the last question, but the others are posted.
So there.
Boy, do I ever need a coffee break now.

Ehh... I had some weird things to say, and I didn't really stick to the format, but hopefully it'll still be interesting to some people...

anybody know if rzan has a page? I just wanted to tell him that I really appreciated his comments.

Mine are here.

Gina, I don't have my own blog-but I do have a webpage that will eventually become a website for my home art business Rzanimals. You can check it out at Rzanimals.com.

I must also say, I am not a he, I am a SHE.

You can see pics of me on Daniel's sidebar photos for proof-heehee.

How the heck do i comment on your blog without having it all come out piecemeal, and backwards? I've wanted to before, but couldn't figure it out.

I've started answering the questions, but I'm taking it a question at a time.

Here is where I begin. Not all subsequent entries will be for the survey, though, but the survey ones will be entitled as survey entries. When I've finished, I'll do an entry linking to each answer in turn, for convenience.

Better (I hope) late than never.

Good stuff.

Weeh, mine are up. *g* Love this survey...

My answers are finally up - what an interesting idea....

I'm sure it's on your to do list, but aren't you gonna sum this all up somewhere, sometime? How 'bout YOUR answers? I'm sure we're all on the edge of our seats...


It was such a good survey, honey, I think we all really enjoyed it immensely, both answering and reading others answers.

Something I really appreciate about you: You make people think. You're not afraid to go below the social veneer and dig into the meaty issues. Even though you wanna be cool and liked and all, you don't let that stop you from being real. It may get you in trouble sometimes but it's good, really good.

OK so that was more than one thing.

My answers are up!

So quiet lately. Any more comment please.