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heads up

The time has come for that once a year that I go look at the very messy situation of my mind, and do not do any working or computering. It's the time when I go on retreat. I'll be gone from the 14th to the 24th somewhere in the wilds of Canada. (They have ducks on their money!)

Unlike last year, when I just put up a little static page while I was gone, I'm going to keep the blog going, in absentia.

To accomplish this, I am enlisting the help of a very special guest curator of the tinyblog. Yes, it's none other than Shauna of What's New Pussycat. She will providing the...well, whatever she feels like providing while I'm gone, interspersed with some canned posts I wrote in advance.

So...if there's anything you want me to know about or do between now and the end of the month, now is really the time to tell me, as I'm only going to be around for a few more days.

You can also read the posts I wrote about last year's retreat if you're so inclined:
not killing the mice.
i didn't mean to kill the mouse.
are you eyeballin' me boy?


LOONS! They're loons, not ducks.

My dad's Canadian, ya know.

Such big heart for such a tiny blog!

I surfed my way here sisde-asswards, the way you might take what you think is a short cut then it isn't but you don't care cause it's such a lovely neighborhood. So you slow down and soak up the neighborly atmosphere, watching the laughing neighbors and the pedaling children and the unruly flowerbeds. And you wish your own stark McMansion-stuffed subdivison with its sterile sidwalks and precision landscaping had half their homey feel. Eventually youreluctantly head home, but brighten at the thought of inviting the neighbors over for a barbecue. Just maybe...

Anyway, discovering your blog was like that. Have a great retreat!

Loons, yeah, that's what my Canadian friends seem to say. They sure look like ducks to me.

Wow...that was a nice thing to say.