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unfortunate haircuts of the past

for some reason this didn't drive the girls wild

Never underestimate the power of the mullet.


what else can one say but, "Mwahaha".

umm..hmm...it looks natural in the wind, even when wet? MWAHAHAHA

Well, I'd say mwahahaha, but they've already done it better, so I'll just say:

CUTE, CUTE ,CUTE little BOY!!!

I'd have to say...the shirt is worse than the haircut. ::snicker::

Never underestimate the power of the eagle t-shirt.

Do you have any idea where that picture was taken? It doesn't look like our house. About the shirt, as you may recall, you were not allowed to wear "metal" t-shirts, so you were willing to wear anything black which, apparently, was much cooler than any other color. Hey, post more childhood pictures. This could be very fun!

Yep, that's the kitchen at Heidi, mom. You can blearily see the screen door over Daniel's left shoulder.

Oh I so forgot about the "metal" T-shirts prohibition. It's funny, now I remember my first metal t-shirt...it was a metallica one and I got it at Jaqueline.

Anyway it's definately the kitchen table at Heidi. This photo is heavily cropped, but in the original it is much clearer where it is.

This is so funny, thanks for all the family input, y'all.

I remember the boys wearing Metallica and Black Sabbath T-shirts when I was in high school, they thought they were so cool and dark.

Some of them were pretty dark, actually, and some were just silly boys...

I have a book to recommend to all who love silly wordplay. The name is Ella Minnow Pea, a progressively lipogrammatic epistolary fable, by Mark Dunn. It might make a wonderful Father's Day gift for any "wordish" Dad out there.