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pome of filial piety

i walked down the street with the styrofoam
package of my dinner
he in the hostel doorway assumed it was my leftovers

hey man can i have some food?

but it was really my dinner rushing for the bus and i
shook my head at him disdainfully and then
felt bad about it, at least i could have addressed him like
a human being

like somehow those men
these black and indian men drunk men or savvy men
don't warrant the attention you'd give to a broken child
which they are these men those broken men

like vultures, the endangered species that no one
cares about but goddamnit you better not club
those baby seals

i feel ashamed and then i miss my bus
and i feel very cranky
i eat my dinner
i feel like a miser


Again, I just wanted to thank you. I was so glad to read this and all these pomes. I was feeling pretty cranky myself, put out at being tired and having to go stand in the rain and wait for the bus so frickin' early...Your writing really put me back in reality and made me feel so very grateful for the many blessings life has given me.