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mothers day guest post

It's a guest post by, guess who...my mom:

I am sitting here reminiscing about your birth. It was a classic labor with contractions by the clock just like the book said. Unlike my other births, your water didn't break until well into labor.

At that point, your head was down far enough to act as a cork, trapping the water inside with you. And then you were born and as your head cleared the water came rushing out like a big wave. I always said you surfed out, ready to take on the world.

You were eight and a half pounds and born with a lot of energy. You were never shy about being held by strangers. Bubby Glor's favorite thing to say about you when you were an infant was "He's so smart, look how he scrutinizes everything." You were born shortly after midnight so you just made it on the 9th.

The doc came and stayed at our house that night and I made molasses sweet bread while I was in labor so that I could have it with a cup of tea after you were born.

You were a good looking baby with lots of dark hair and very alert right from the start. Well, that's all, but being pregnant with you and birthing you was a very good time and I thank you for your presence in my life.


Wow, it's sounds like he came out already himself. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

No wonder he likes molasses!

I birthed Sam in a hottub, so he literally surfed out! He was still in the "caul" or bag of waters when he shot out, the midwife said that according to legend that is a omen of greatness, or of a future midwife!

He had a steady direct gaze right from birth too, you really felt seen by his infant eyes, in a way that no adult ever sees you.

He was utterly fascinated by everything, especially colors and patterns and sounds.

OK, I guess that's enough maternal reminiscing on the tinyblog!

Here's to good mothers and good sons everywhere. My own mother really liked her mothers day gift-- thanks for the help.
You are a consistently excellent friend.

wonderful post :)