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Tomorrow (the 9th) is my 27th birthday!

I shave my beard every year on my birthday, so this year I'm having people take before and after photos. Plus, I just got a new color scanner in the mail for my birthday, so hopefully I will be able to show you in short order my newly shorn birthday face.

Also, Friday the 10th is my birthday party. If you live in the Seattle area and/or think you can get here and somehow didn't get an invite, email me and I will get you one in short order.

Have money burning a hole in your pocket? I don't have an Amazon wishlist, but if you want to make a tax-deductible donation to Amnesty International, that is my charity of choice. I think spending money on keeping people from being tortured and killed is a good idea.

Me and the tinyblog thank you for your support.


Just how big is this party getting to be?

Better buy a LOT of tortillas...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

happy burday!

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Mine was last week, so this is a good month for birthdays. Hope you have a lot of fun (and had I know there would have been a party sooner, I'd have been looking for plane tickets!)

Have a great one, hon :)

Happy belated birthday, Daniel!

Happy hangover!

Actually it all went swimmingly, there were plenty of tortillas, and I felt pretty darn good when I woke up in the morning.

It was YAY fun! Beautiful food, beautiful people-practically a beer commercial!

The shaving party the night before was a blast. Can't wait to see those pics!