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then i got this email:

A kind lady I met via the tinyblog wrote me yesterday to tell me about our little karmic connection:

Thanks for your email...but i was a bit busy yesterday. Here's a funny thing!

I nearly menationed in my last email to you that i have a honda civic, because I'd read your story about crashing yours...but I decided it really wasn't worth mentioning.

Then I was on my way home from teaching a meditation class, and then I had car crash too. My car is a complete wreck, another car crashed into the side and completely obliterated my door and most of the engine. There was a shower of glass in my hair and in the skin of my arms and hands and face....

It was quite dramatic really, I had an ambulance and several police cars, blue lights flashing everywhere and a symphony of sirens. The other guy however, hit a lamppost after me and then leapt out of his car and scampered........

I'm guessing he doesn't have insurance so I'm back on foot for the foreseeable future!

Best Wishes, Chojung...I know how you feel honey!


freaky! :)