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tinyblog sudden fiction III

"Take him to the doctor."

"I'm not takin' him to the doctor, he's perfectly fine."

"He's got a bad case of the scrawn, take him to the doctor."

"He's just slender."

"You 'kin count every damn rib on that boy. Take him to the doctor."

"Ok, fine, I'll take him to the doctor."

"Good. Take him to the doctor while you're at it."


"Hi Dr. Malek."

"Hi Rose. What's up?"

"Is something wrong with my boy?"

"Looks like he needs a haircut, maybe."

"Dr. Malek, look at him. You can count his ribs."

"One, two, three...mmp, yes, they're all there."


"He's fine. He could stand to drink more milk."


"What's your name?"


"How come you never leave the monkey bars?"

"I like the monkey bars."

"You kind of look like the monkey bars."

"My dad says I have a bad case of the scrawn."

"Do you kiss girls?"


"Kiss me?"


"You have pretty arms."


That was a pretty darn sudden attack of the fiction bug, all right.

Too funny, especially to a scrawn sufferer like me!

I actually did not find it funny. I found it quite meaningful. All my life, I have been told that I am too thin, yet I have always liked how thin I am. I enjoy it. Sometimes I argue with others about it, and I did so with my parents, once... they sent me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist actually agreed with me.

Ah, days of glory....