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secrets, by robert rini

It's rare to see excellent fiction (besides interactive fiction) use the 2nd person voice.

That's why it was a pleasant surprise to read Seattle Weekly's first place fiction winner tell a tale I identify with all too well. Like to hear it, here it go:

AT NIGHT, the Mail Annex is jammed with the same boredom and brutality as Dayshift, but you come in vulnerable after sitting by the swings in the park, or going to school, or toying with a plate of green curry chicken...


um. dude. are you like on mountain time or something? your clock is off. or, you're off your clock.


Sheesh, is it the blog detectives or what?

I'm off my clock. Really, though, it was just 15 minutes before the new day and I just wanted it to show up for the 21st. That's all.

Excellent indeed. Thanks for the link. :-)