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more momo

A mysterious reader pointed out that momo, or more fully, "chisana momo" means fuzzy peach in Japanese! Who knew?

So now, everyone who's been calling me "hairy dumpling" can call me "hairy peach dumpling". Wow. That sounds disgusting.

My mysterious reader was kind enough to include a .gif of the japanese characters for chisana momo:

chisana momo


Fuzzy peach dumpling sounds better. The japanese characters are beautiful, maybe I should carve those onto your vase? Then you'll get to explain chisana momo to everyone who looks at it.

Sam's listening to his cd this morning, just sitting on the futon doing nothing but listening-he's never done that before! he even refused to come see and email from grandma BB! I wonder if he'll sit through the whole thing?

"it's cornflake girl, mama!"

Love, Rzanansam

hairy peach dumplings sound hard to digest