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here are boobs!

Rosebaby and I have been bosom (ha!) buddies lately. She noticed that in response to my last post about my Dad, I got a very unusual comment, wherein Shannon Kringen (aka Goddess Kring) left a picture of her breasts. Someone suggested it was a smooth subliminal suggestion on my part, but I explained the real story to Rosebaby and we had a funny little Email exchage about it, which she promptly posted.

Notice that in her post she links to a scan of a painting I did when I went over to her house on Valentine's Day. I'm so much more in the 'hanging out with friends' camp on Valentine's Day rather than the 'solitary liquor drinking' camp.

Also, Rosebaby is the only other member of the Sad Beer Webring (see the bottom of my sidebar). That's all.

P.S. Re: The painting. I know it looks like flowers, but it's called "oughtamagic wands".


Nice painting, Sam likes it too.

I think maybe this is all very funny only to us.