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dad: per mom

Of course, my mom read my first "Dad" post and came up with a rockin' guest entry.

She had just been to a family function:

Every time I was introduced to someone as the ex-wife of Dick, someone would raise their eyebrows and/or gasp. Then they would recover quickly and adopt a more socially correct attitude of gladtomeetcha, etc. Many people wonder how, why and so forth. Since Dick is your theme this week, I thought I would put the matter to rest as a possible guest entry.

A girlfriend of mine was getting married. She was on a budget so she asked if I would attend her wedding with another friend of hers, a newly graduated Chiropractor. I was eighteen all of a week and was fully ready for this sophistication. The new mysterious older man (24) called to take me out so we could get aquainted before the big event. He came to pick me up and he had a moustache! Wow, clearly a MAN where I had dated only boys before. I was definitely out of my league.

Before the month was up, I was deflowered; two months later I moved to my own apartment and he was a frequent guest. He gave me my first drink, he ordered me my first lobster dinner. He was knowledgeable about current events and world affairs. He had a brand new office, with patients. He had a brand new car and later taught me to drive. He was an excellent driving instructor. He encouraged me to advance in my career and helped me to believe in myself. He had an incredible vocabulary and taught me to love words and their nuances, a trait that I have tried to pass on to his children. He taught me to love learning and to consider possibilities beyond the immediately obvious. He included me in his somewhat noisy family, people that I continue to love and cherish to this day.

So, what went wrong? Alas, theory does not put food on the table and I simply tired of taking care of everyone including a well educated, intelligent, fully grown man.

There is the short version. If you have any questions of what he was like then, let me know.


ha! I always wanted to know how your mom and dad got together. I acually met pops quite by accident in milwaukee once, he seemed like a square dealer to me.

What a sweet letter from your mama.

your dad sounds like my friend Jim, my sisters ex and a dear friend. Such an amazing man, and such a challenging partner.

well tinymomo, you turned out awfully good; understanding & loving & smart - in my book that counts for a LOT.

first sex week, now dick week, whatever next!?