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dad: monee, il

I actually remember me and my Dad and my mom all living together as one happy family. I remember us living in a farm house in Monee, IL. I remember swinging on a rope swing in the barn.

I also remember my dad, with a full beard and mustache, sitting on the couch. It's a clear picture, but there's not much more.

I remember the night of that memory, my parents told me to brush my teeth. I went upstairs and instead just ate a little of the toothpaste. I think I even remember that they smelled my breath to make sure. Boy, did I think I was clever.

My mom tells me that there was sugar cane on that farm, and that she found me one day sucking on a piece of sugar cane. I think there was a windmill there that I tried to climb. I don't even remember how old I was. If my mom corrects this story I will be sure to post it.

Anyway, I remember having a very warm feeling about my dad then, and thinking about his bearded face really makes me feel good.


ahh it's good to have some good memories.