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dad: cherryvale mall

So I must have been 12 or so when visitation started up again. Rockford is about 90 minutes away from Chicago. Sometimes he had a car, and sometimes he had money for the bus, or often he'd just hitchhike. Whatever it took to come hang out with us every other weekend.

When in Rockford we didn't have a lot of options, though. Especially if he didn't have a car, my mom would have to drive us to a place where we could basically hang out in the same place all day, which in Rockford means only one thing: Cherryvale Mall.

It was a pretty big mall, had two movie theaters, a bookstore or two, an arcade, and a few restaurants. Then of course there were the multitude of meaningless boutiques that were invisible to a 12 year old boy.

Did I mention my dad is a Chiropractor? He does this really cool Chiropractic technique called DNFT which is not the bone cracking kind. He just sort of pushes with the end of his thumb with a sudden gentle force, and breathes out his nose with a puff like a little king-fu move.

It was very important to him to do this...he felt like once every two weeks was hardly enough, so he would do his chropractic adjustments on the padded benches outside the food court.

To me and my pre-teen sister this was always the hight of potential humiliation. There was always the fear that someone from school would see us having our butt touched in public.

Dad didn't help. While we were trying to evade attention, he was usually trying to attract attention. Pretty girls especially who walked by he would sort of leer at and say emphatically, "You're next!"

This went on for years.


oooh. creepy.