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what it's like to have a body

My mom had visions naturally. I had to take drugs to get the same effect.

Sometimes I meet these people who are so etherially high. They speak in abstractions and never think of logistics. They see the world in symbols and only see numbers as shapes. They never leave the house on time.

But I, like it or not, am grounded in the element of earth, and I am very aware of my body. It has always worked pretty well. I can lift heavy furniture when I need to and chop wood and climb trees and do yoga.

All this in spite of the fact that I am so broken. I fell and broke my back (twice), my elbow (twice), my wrist, and various fingers and toes. I'm never happy about it, but never 100% surprised when it happens anymore.

And also I hardly ever remember my dreams. My sister and the rzanimal and her son samadhi remember them almost every night. They have little dream caususes in the morning and compare notes and write them down. I only remember dreams sometimes when I nap in the early morning, and then it is very vivid. I always think I'm going to remember them later because the feeling of them in my body is so strong. But then of course they are not really there in my body like the steel rods and plates so they fade into the distance by the time my breakfast has digested.

My body is hairy. No, more like furry. It's thick and soft...so is my beard when I'm growing it. Like a little beast I am.

Someone once called me Baba Yaga, and I don't know why except cause she's a crazy Russian witch with a big nose. And I'm Russian, and I have a big nose and sometimes wild hair, too. That's why I guess. And the crazy part, too. (But not the part about having a magical house on chicken legs. I wish!)

I had some friends from Singapore and they use to call me "Mo Mo" which is Cantonese for "hairy". In other asian languages it usually means "meat filled dumpling" so I'm not sure where they were coming from with that one.

My step-dad, he used to affectionately call me "shit-for-brains". I think he meant the English phrase, but sort of idiomatically. He was funny like that.

This body is basically on loan to me. I'm going to have to just drop it at some point, so when I break myself I try to remember that. Breaking myself has actually made me less focussed on trying to be a body and remembering that I just have a body, like a snake skin. Eighty years or so is not that long, need I remind you?

I like other people and their bodies too. Even dirty people or crooked people or fat people, I rarely find people really repulsive. Bodies are just bodies.

I think it's been a long time since I posted a post that had less of a point. That's so great.


well that very entertaining, you little hairy dumpling, you.

Definately furry and a little wild, like a creature of untamed beauty. And awfully good for snuggling!
Baba Yaga is much more than a crazy old woman. She is a powerful teacher and spirit of wild wisdom, instinct and intuition. Your friend paid you a compliment. In stories, she is hidious and terrifying yet if you have the goodness to treat her with respect and compassion, she gives you immense gifts of wisdom, insight and magic.

You lucky goat! Rzan

If you want to remember your dreams at night just concentrate on recalling what you dreamt when you first wake up in the morning. With practice it becomes a lot more instinctive :).

you don't look very hairy...

I've never heard of mo mo meaning meat dumpling. wan tan, shui jiao, yes. mo mo definitely means furry.

the perfect story to offset sad monkey doing state of the nation.

you are such a lovely soul in that momobody.

Momo is dumpling in the Indo-Tibetan languages, I think. It is in tibetan for sure, but I've ordered momo's at nepalese and indian restaurants as well. They are thick-walled robust affairs. I love them!

I am Baba Yaga!

And as for dreams, I suppose it's nice when I remember them, but I've long since given up on trying to cultivate them. It's just a little special thing when I do remember.