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welcome to tinyplace.org

Right about this time last year (January 20th), I screwed up my FTP account over at Freedom to Surf, and asked if anyone would be willing to offer me hosting space.

The super deluxe Shauna Marsh of shauny.org almost instantly extended me unlimited generousity and trust with her shell account, and made it possible for me to develop the tinyplace as I learned to code HTML.

Now, finally, a year later, I'm paying for hosting space and the domain tinyplace.org, and have converted my entire blog to php. I reorganized all my files and realized that moving to your own host account is like moving to a new apartment. I know I'm making a big deal of something silly, but the website has become a big part of my life.

Thank you so much Shauna, and thank you to everyone who has read and commented. If I hadn't wanted anyone to read it, I would have written it in wordpad, eh?

From now on I'll see you at tinyplace.org


Congrats on the move! I've changed my link on my blog to this new address...Ooh, but there are some broken image links at the top of this comment page.

roses are red
violets are blue
congrats on tinyblog!

I'd give you a housewarming gift, but I'm cheap.

Welcome to your new home. :-)

I love the domain, Daniel. The man with the big heart finally got his own tiny place.

yay :) everything looks great!

Everything looks great after the big move! Well done.

No no, it is a big deal! I like to bring in all new furniture to my new domains, too. Feels fresh, doesn't it?