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the land of maryromantic

Evidently, Mary has toned down her site since she moved over to her own domain and isn't quite as forthright about what she wants as she once was.

She used to host the site at Tripod's free servers and had a much more extensive description of her..."requirements".

How did I find this out? Well, Metafilter ran a couple of threads on her, one in March 2001, and one in April 2001. I found these comments to be most revealing.

Among them (although this is not verifiable):

On the main page of the site (here), I couldn't help but notice the large white space at the bottom. She has about a thousand words there to "to help my page be found". (They're white, same as bgcolor, so highlight to see them). They are so many as to make searching for the page practically useless, besides the fact that they are often contradictory and just plain weird, like the rest of the site. Among those words:

single dating honesty worship wisdom atheistic atheist interpersonal what do woman want what do woman want abstinence lonely female domination story love match yahoo profile aol words of wisdom female picture woman looking for man lonely woman atheist pretty love relationship looking submissive older lady intimacy husband male slave

I seeeeeeee. Hehehehe. Well, I don't think she's a professional dom or anything, in light of reading these threads. I do think she's really looking for her true love, but I think she's figured out a decent way to pay a little rent while she looks. Monetary gifts on the first date indeed.



That she was able to maintain these neurosis long enough to articulate them in such detail AND THEN code them on a web page in such a comprehensive way speaks to me. It says either a) she is a hoax created by one or more intelligent and capable pranksters, or b) she is an egomaniac. Sure, there are six billion plus people in the world, but how many are male?That narrows it down by more than half. Of those, only a select portion respond to the following tame criterea: Online? That limits it to developed countries, and to a limited segment of the populace of those countries. English speaking (so that they would be able to read her site)? Somewhat less. Those able to actually meet her (not constrained by other romantic engagements, work engagements excessive distance) narrows it down still further. Atheist or agnostic? 35-55? No masturbation? No pets? Willing to offer gifts on the first date? No sex, no kissing, no foreplay until marriage? Willing to repeat long scripted converstations and never interupt? Unless beings are truly infinite, such a man does not exist. At least not on Earth.