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sick, sick boy

On Friday I went out and met the ever sparkling Jessamyn and got sucked into MIT's yearly insane quiz race known as the mit mystery hunt.

In the middle of messing with dozens of strips of colored paper and at least two rolls of scotch tape, I started to feel a little queasy. I asked for some peppermint tea, and then quickly realized that that just wasn't going to do the trick anymore.

I threw up my dinner. Then I spent the next 12 hours on Jessamyn's bathroom floor trying to keep the correct end over the toilet when needed and thinking maybe it wasn't such a good idea to to go lay in bed with my very sick friend and read to her after all.

Within the next 36 hours I had some other health milestones, like being able to:
- Crawl into the living room.
- Drink a whole glass of water.
- Digest a painkiller.
- Eat a banana.
- Drive home.

Now, aside from the feeling of being just generally poisoned and having a constant wicked headache (which may be, in part, due to having no coffee for 3 days), I feel okay to sit in front of a computer. I may even go to work tomorrow. Crazy.


Feel better soon! And appreciate each of those milestones as the accomplishments they are...

oh! poor little chook *huggle*

Good, you're on the mend... and � you drink coffee?! I'd've been willing to bet against it.

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Daniel. :-(

Glad you're feeling better.