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news of friends

One friend just finally realized her great dream of many years and moved to New York City. She will be so missed, but how can you blame someone for following their dream?

My friend the rzanimal just left the father of her young child and is trying to hack it out on her own for the first time in years, and definately the first time since she was a mother. I think she may even be foolish enough to let me teach her how to drive. (Heck, she can't do much more damage to my car!) In any case, we (ahem) at the tinyblog wish her all the best in her courageous endeavor.

My friends Buster and Rachel just recently started their own weblogs. Maybe I'll ask them to come to the dark side of Movable Type away from LiveJournal and be my bitches.

Oh, and speaking of friends: by god go vote What's New Pussycat? as the best goddamn blog on the planet.


I'm sorry darling, Bitches is a copyrighted term, you'll have to call yours ho's or or hookers or disciples or something :D

Should I be worried? Are you some kind of maniac driving teacher? I doubt it, anyone who chants dharma in traffic jams can't be too impatient! Thanks for the good wishes. Sam thought the (heck she can't do more damage to my car) part was hilarious. mmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbb,,,,,,,,,hhjjjjnnnnttttttggggggggggggggddddvvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hi from Sam.

BITCH!?!?! You can't copyright BITCH!?!? What the goddamn hell are you talking about? You personally actually SUGGESTED that I get some bitches of my own! You are MAD, woman, MAD I tell you!