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letters from cammy IV: me and my advice

This was the Email from her:

Oh, oh, oh Chicken dinners are not good at 8:30. Especially topped off with Ben and Jerrys. EEEEEEEEESSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!! Bad, Bad 4am grouchy. I keep having bad dreams i think i will talk about them with you because almost every night i wake up in a panic and they are the dark scary kind of dreams. Could it be eating late??? Feeling better now but my head still hurts. Wait, who said I listened to Wham? Oh no not me. My brother would have disowned me.

Fiona Snapple and her 90 word album title. I don't know. Maybe if she eats
something soon.

I would love to see Being John Malkovich tomorrow and go to Larry's and the
PCC. Won't you be, Won't you be, please won't you be my Daniel.

loving you, longing to be loving on you

and part of my reply...

No doubt that a heavy meaty, fatty meal eaten 1-2 hours before bedtime is a
sure recipe for nightmares and fuzzy head in the morning. Ice cream and cigarette's too. There's a King Crimson song called "The Grand Deciever" where he's making fun of "Health Food Faggots" and the lyrics go "Cigarettes, Ice Cream, Cadillacs, Floozies." I spose a lot can be said for those things, but more so when you're a rock star.

Speaking of health food faggots, some kind of vegetable really helps your body to process the other food. And in some variety...if only we could exclusively eat mashed potatos. But it really doesn't supply everything you need. Sometimes you have to have yellow veggies and more than sometimes you have to have to eat leafy greens and edible pod peas. They're like the staff of life. They're SO good for your body. Last night was such a good meal, however. I did really enjoy it and the whole evening in fact.